Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 5 E-mails to the Family

So, Braken is currently writing two e-mails home.  The one he addresses to "My awesome family" is for all the Park and Draper family members.  The other, of course, is to Greg and I.  Just hoping to clarify that for everyone.
Dear My awesome family,

Thanks all of you for writing to me. It's really awesome to feel your love and support.   I will try and reply to all letters I recieve from you guys. I love you all!
So, I have an awesome story to tell, read in my letter to my mom and dad below:

Love, Elder Braken Park

Dear Mom and Dad,

Hellloooo! La la laaa. It's great to hear from you guys. This has definitely been a great week to be a missionary. I think I'm finally getting into the hang of it now. Our investigator Christina got baptized and confirmed this week, and is so excited to go to the temple haha. We had something awesome happen last Saturday:  So we were walking down the street after tracting a neighborhood, and we saw a phone fall off the hood of a car driving away. We picked it up and found there wasn't a lock on it, so we called some of the numbers and found out whose it was and it turns out they lived in the neighborhood we just tracted and were looking for a church! We told them the address of the church and I'm pretty sure they came on Sunday! The Lord definitely moves in mysterious ways hahaha. I loved what you were saying about not ignoring promptings because we were walking down a street headed home and the spirit said to go knock on a door. Well me being tired of being in the rain said no they probably won't answer. Well then my companion said,"Hey lets go knock on that door." Well in the mouth of two witnesses shall the truth be manifest so we went and the guy who answered was really interested and wants to watch general conference with us so.... Never ignore a prompting! Hahaha anyway, I do have some things I found out you can have on a mission that I would like sent out, Mason willing. There's lots of missionaries who get together on p-day and play magic, so if Mason is willing could you tell him to send my Grixis (blue black and red), Dragon (red and green), and Scavenge (green and black) decks, a 20 sided spin down and my counters? I know I left them to him so it's completely his choice whether he wants to or not I would just like to join the magic games. Let me know what he decides. Tell Peyton that I said hi and that I love him! Also Dad, enjoy your midlife crisis haha. I love you all and look forward to hearing from you.

Love, Elder Braken Park

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  1. He sound great. 6 weeks out. Emily wasn't too far off.