Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Week 1 First Area, Martinsville, IN

Dear Mom,

I would have emailed yesterday on pday but it was labor day and so all the libraries were closed.
Let me first say happy birthday to Garret! 15 years old its a big day you can get your learners permit now don't crash the car haha. I'm in my first area now here's my mailing address:

1439 S. Marion Martinsville IN 46151

The members here in martinsville (my first area) are super nice and love the missionaries. We have more leftovers from meals than we do at home and they are always willing to help us out with referrals. I can see why my patriarchal blessing says i will serve more than one mission. I'm sure when I'm older I'll serve a senior mission. I just hope I'll be able to make it through my normal one. I love you all and once again wish Garret a happy birthday. I'll send dad's shoes and the camera as soon as my next pday comes next monday. Love you all so much and wish I had a camera with which to send pictures!

Oh I almost forgot I am serving in the last area Elder Brady Knowles served in and my trainer is one of the missionaries he lived with Elder Clapier. There is 4 of us living in a double house thing and I thought it was cool to find that out and thought you'd like to know that. Sorry I forgot to include that. love you all and look forward to hearing from you.

Love, Elder Braken Park

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