Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week 60 E-mail Home: Chicago Temple Visit!

Dear Mom and Dad,

So this week was pretty good. We were actually able to go to the Chicago Temple this week and it was super cool! I realised how long it had been since I went to the temple though... I felt like I had to relearn how to do it all! But as far as the work goes, Kevin still the same he has been in the hospital with Katie and she was in labor saturday we aren't sure about anything other than that. Brenda is doing alright she is a little difficult to teach because she comes up with the most rediculous concerns. But she accepted a Book of Mormon so hopefully she will read it and understand a little more. Bill is really the only other person we are teaching. We took a member over there this week and he was completely plastered. So that was a fun lesson.... But he is doing well other than that! Elder Williams is doing well his first name is Easton. He's from Fruit Heights, Utah. Happy Anniversary! I can't believe it's already here! IMPORTANT! I need my Social Security Number today! The church needs that info for the affordable health care act. So please email that to me today! Thanks I appreciate that :) It sounds like we have quite the animal collection happening at home. I'm just a little jealous because I wanted a pet for the longest time but you never went for it. Oh well I'm glad Mason is enjoying himself at least. Things have been alright here there's a lot of walking around knocking on doors so that's been a little annoying but I'm sure it'll pay off soon. Anyway I hope you guys have a great week! 

Love, Elder Braken Park

Week 60 Pictures: Chicago Temple Visit

Elder Williams and Braken at the Chicago Illinois Temple

Chicago Ilinois Temple

Fall in Crawfordsville, Indiana

The District:  Braken is the same 'ol joker!

The Indianapolis Indiana Temple - Under Construction

Mchael Jordan Pumpkin

Braken's Favorite:  The "Dr. Who Tartis" Pumpkin

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Week 59 Email Home

Dear Mom and Dad,

Well first off I have seen meet the mormons they did a special mission showing of it and we got to watch it. Haha it would do good in theaters in Utah! Yea that part made me super trunky. Well it's been an.... interesting week. Kevin... Well let's say the S*** hit the fan this week. The Elderly missionary couple came on way too overbearing and said some things that were pretty offensive to him and so we are in the process of rebuilding a bridge of trust between him and the church. She hasn't had her baby yet but she's due any day now. So that was that interesting thing... but for good news, Brenda is doing awesome She has some questions but nothing that's too bad. We also picked up another new investigator named Kyle. He met one of the ward members on LDSSingles and she invited him out to church, and he's come the last 2 weeks in a row! Sometimes it just brightens up your week to have a tender mercy dropped in your lap! Then for an Epic finale we got invited to go to a Pentecostal church sunday night.... Oh man I am SO glad we are members of the Restored church.... Pentecostals freak me out! The whole time they're sitting there chanting parts of the powerpoint to themselves, raising up their hands, clapping, singing, things of that nature. And then the preacher is up there yelling at the top of his lungs about bible scriptures. Wow the apostasy is real folks. So anyway that's my week! Tell Peyton I miss him too. It's getting hard with me on the back half now time seems to be picking up I hit my 14 month mark this week. I'm almost down to single digits left... I didn't believe anyone when they said it went fast. I was like yea right it's 2 years! Well, look at me now... Anyway, Gare! Dude you gotta get your license! Dad is offering you a free car! How do you argue that? It sounds like the way it works for us boys is that Mason and Peyton are the outdoorsy type, Garret prefers to be inside, and I'm somewhere in the middle. I always thought we would all end up so similar yet look at how we've turned out. I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Braken Park

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 58 Email Home: Things are going so well!

Dear Mom and Dad,

This weeks been pretty crazy first off because we found someone new! Her name is Brenda and she manages this little Pizza place thats right behind our house that us and our landlord go to occasionally. Anyway last week our Landlord ordered us a pizza after we helped her in her shop and told us we needed to go pick it up. So we were sitting there waiting for it to get done and she just kinda started talking to us because she had seen us all the time. She basically read from preach my gospel concerns answered by the plan of salvation. She'd had Cancer and was really unsure about the future. And then Elder Williams just flat out shocked me when he stepped up and started talking to her! Normally I lead out on teaching people but he really stepped up and took charge. So we are gonna start teaching her in her pizza shop haha. Another cool thing is that she is looking for help in the shop and she mentioned to us to tell people about it. Well there's this Less Active member named Alicia we've been meeting with for a while who desperately needs a job to get out of a really bad situation. Well we mentioned it to her and to say we sent her. Well Alicia walked in and asked about the job and Brenda was super hesitant at first, but then when Alicia mentioned us she totally lit up and basically told her she has the job she just has to fill out an application. So a mission isn't only about helping people spiritually! It can be temporal help too! So anyway on to Kevin! His baby is due THIS WEEK! It seems so crazy because I remember back in july when he said he was due in October to me and Elder Sneddon, and we both thought there's no way we'll be here for that, well here I am! Chastity has been really sick as well as her kids, so we haven't been able to meet with them.... Bill is an interesting guy he has a bit of a trust issue so we have to warm him up slowly and really show him we care. On other things, the picture of the handcart was our district picture that transfer we thought it would be fun so we did it haha. Yes I did get the contacts and your letter thanks SO much for that! It seems like forever since I've got any letters haha I know I am terrible at sending them. It's just so hard to take time on pday and sit down and write a letter when you have a thousand other things you need to do. I am a size 11. Christmas already!? That's so Crazy! I can remember last year I was with the man the myth the legend Elder K Davis. I still talk to him occasionally he's been home for a good 8 months now. Anyway I can't really think of anything right now I'll let you know as I think of things. I love you guys have a great week!

Love, Elder Braken Park
P.S. Dad I hear from a pretty reliable source that your Cowboys are probably gonna get spanked by the Eagles just gonna throw that out there :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Park - Williams Street

Braken and Elder Williams found their "Street Names" - LOL :)

Week 57: Email Home: Kevin Made It To Priesthood This Week! Yay!

Dear Mom and Dad,

This week actually went really well! Kevin made it to Priesthood and he really enjoyed it, and his baby is due any day now, so as soon as that happens he has said that he will have an answer to baptism. Keep your fingers crossed it happens soon. As far as conference goes, we watch it at our chapel where they broadcast it. It was an awesome time. Things are going well otherwise Elder Williams is doing well he is growing and learning well. I almost don't even feel like I'm training. Haha so the midlife crisis has satellite TV.... Just kidding I'm glad that'll be good. Sounds like the homeschooling is going well. That's funny that Peyton wants to be at home with his mommy :) Just like me! Just kidding haha but really. Hey I know I ask for a lot but I am on my last set of contacts and they are feeling like they are ready to be done so if you could get some sent out I would really appreciate that :) It's funny you mention how fast it's going though. I thought about it and once I'm done training Elder Williams I'll be out 16 months. How crazy is that? December will be here before we know it! And then it's pretty much all downhill from there... Man it's super wierd how fast it goes... I've been companions with people that old and they're about ready to go home! (Elder Lawrence only has about 2 months left) Oh well I'll do what I can with what I've got. Well I love you guys have a great week!

Love, Elder Braken Park
Braken, Kevin, and Elder Williams
Kevin came to priesthood today with the Elders.
--Crawforsdville, Indiana--

Week 57: Braken Sent Tons of Pictures for Us. These are from the last couple of months in Crawforsdville, Indiana.

Braken and Elder Sneddon - "Pioneer Trek"

Braken and New Companion Elder Williams - Crawfordsville

Braken and Elder Williams - Crawfordsville 

Braken and his "Dream Car" - Corvette Stingray :)

Elder Williams - Crawfordsville

Elder Williams & "Dean Martin"

Elder Williams

Enough Said!

Taco Pizza!!

The District - Crawfordsville
Notice the tallest elder in the back . . . . . Yep, Elder Foster from Duchesne!

There is Top Gear Fans in Indiana too!  Stig Family :D

Week 57: Pictures with Elder Sneddon and "The Bacon Package"