Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Week 78: New Companion, New Apartment, New Car!

Dear Mom and Dad,
First off, Happy Birthday Dad!! So from my mass email, you found out my new companion is Elder Steab. I will miss certain things about Elder Van Sickle. I found some things out after he left that I'm very irritated about. I have been asked to be a District Leader and since that I found out a couple things that went on in the district that I'm gonna have to clean up. But he was a good guy just some interesting quirks. The new apartment is awesome! We went from 2 bedroom to 1 bedroom but ended up gaining a lot of space! We have a walk in closet you could put a bed in, and another that could hold both our clothes and still be fine! We are about 5 miles away from our old apartment and we are actually in town now. We are no longer sharing a car we have our own and it's actually a Jeep. I guess because of the winter they think we needed it haha. Sergio has been difficult to get in contact with because his phone is shut off and he lives almost 40 miles away, one way. So getting out there is difficult. But we will definitely keep trying. We were able to get out and hit some doors later on in the week and get some appointments set up for this week. So this week should be good. Anyway I think that's about everything, I love you guys! Talk to you next week!
Love, Elder Braken Park

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