Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 80: 2 New Investigators! Answer to Prayers!

Dear Mom and Dad,
Well your prayers paid off! We found 2 new investigators this week! One of them, whose name is Denise, is a former minister from another church. She isn't super interested but said she would hear us out. The other has a little story behind her. First off it starts when we had interviews this last week, and President pulled me aside after our interview, and told me I looked burned out. I said yea and that the lack of success in Niles was really taking it's toll. He said that I just needed to change my attitude, and that we needed to fast to find a family. He also said I really need to do this if I'm gonna be leading a District. He said it in a little more gruff tones than that, but the message got through. So me and Elder Steab set a goal to change our attitudes, and no sooner did we do that then we got a text from a number niether of us recognised, Come to find out it was a Media referral who we had talked to about a week before. She got our number from one of the ward members, who she worked with about 3 years before, Penny Sobolewski. (try saying that 5 times fast!). She set an appointment to meet with us in that members home, and is very interested in hearing about the Book of Mormon. So we met with her and she is genuinely interested in learning more! She comes with a fellowshipper too! Her name is Abby Hansen. It gave us SUCH a needed boost! I do have bad news. I did talk to President about going home for school. He says to give him the day school starts, and he will send me home 2 weeks before that. So I don't think I'll be there for Peyton's baptism sorry. I can see where he's coming from he just doesn't want people shortchanging their missions. So I do need the 1st day of school so I can tell him, and we can get it worked out. So you need props for a primary lesson huh? You should tell them the story how we found Aro! Me and Elder Dodd couldn't get crap done, then we decided to fast to find someone who would get baptised, and then we met Aro who let us right in! You should have the pictures I sent you on drive. You can tell them preaching the gospel is great because you get to see them come into the fold and change their lives. You get to see them feel the saviors love blossom in them, and see them embrace it. That's the true joy of being a missionary! The name of the supplement is LifeEz. I'm sure it's safe I actually felt a prompting when Sister Carrigan showed it to me to take it. I'll send you the info on it. I had her send it to me so I could send it to you. Haha it's ok about the lack of mail. You really only have contact with me 1 day of the week so it's pretty easy to have it slip your mind. That being said it would be nice to get some :) but no rush I know you guys love and support me :) Well I think that's all for this week love you guys!
Love, Elder Braken Park

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