Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 77: Food Poisoning! Yuck!

Dear Mom and Dad,
This week's been pretty boring just been moving most of the week. Not too energetic today I managed to get food poisoning last night. Made a fool of myself at a members house at dinner last night. As soon as we got there I sat down for about 5 minutes and immediately had to run to the bathroom and puke my guts out. Not too fun. But it's ok we met a messainic jew this week with a very hard heart whose daughter is going on a mission. So she wants us to tell her basically what her daughter is getting into. She has problems with women and the priesthood and knows the bible like the back of her hand... So all of my... absolute... favorite... things... to deal with. Oh well transfers is here and Van Sickle is out and I'm staying. We haven't been able to meet with sergio as his phone is shut off and we don't want to blow 30 miles to go and see him and have him not be there. So we need to find a member to go with us. Um that's pretty much it for me... Sorry today is not a good day still recovering from the food poisoning. Love you guys have a great week!
Elder Braken Park

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