Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 81: Much Ado About Service! :)

Dear Mom and Dad,

I'm doing well, yes Dad I see the question marks :) We actually ended up doing a lot of service this last week. I had mentioned to the Ward council if they ever needed anything done they should call us, and they definitely took it to heart haha. We helped with a pinewood derby, worked at our local library, and helped get an older lady packed for a senior mission! In addition to that we weren't able to meet with anyone this week, We found out Abby may be moving so we weren't able to meet with her, and Meri the minister wasn't able to meet either, so we've just been working with a few less actives. One of them, Mike Petras, was actually supposed to speak this sunday, but he has tuberculosis, and ended up in the hospital with that, so I ended up speaking for him. Our companionship is doing great! I love Elder Steab! He's a really goofy guy, he enjoys a lot of the same things as me (video games, star wars, geek stuff in general). He actually reminds me of Garret a little bit. In personality and mannerisms anyway. He LOVES Jurassic Park! Speaking of college we visited the Notre Dame campus last week on monday. I'll send you the pictures. Also saw Lake Michigan this week! (Part of it touches our ward boundary). Can I just laugh for a minute? I said Christmas I would like to do exactly that for college to stay out of debt. But you said I needed to go to USU because I was already signed up hahaha. So the answer is yes I would love to do that haha. So the website is called Personal Agenda for the pills. Our winter has been cold, snowy, and VERY long. Winter time makes missionary work hard so it seems to drag on forever. It was super nice this week, then started snowing today and I was very disappointed... I thought it was finally over!! DANGIT! oh well it's supposed to get nicer later in the week. Yes I did get your letter thanks for that! :) Well I think that's everything. Love you guys talk to you next week!

Love, Elder Braken Park

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