Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 82: Same 'ol Same 'ol in the Mission Field.....

Dear Mom and Dad,
So this week's been a little bit slower, Lots of door knocking this week, so that was fun, put some hair on our chests haha. I'm doing really good actually, been working on adjusting my attitude, and I've been seeing some real progress, especially with the help of Bednar, but I'll talk about that later :) Me and Elder Steab are doing really well, just trying to keep our heads up! This week is looking promising so we have a lot to look forward to! It's been... Fun and stressful at the same time, as I love my district, but dealing with the Zone Leaders is a lot like taking a cheese grater across my forehead sometimes. But my district is super supportive so it's been really good! I am over me and my companion, and then the Elders and Sisters of the nearby Mishawaka Ward. The Elders are Elder Kent, who is from California and is a stout observer of the 2nd ammendment, and Elder Lords, who is currently being trained by Elder Kent. He is from Idaho. The Sisters are Sister Odermott, who is from Idaho, and Sister Carpenter, also from Idaho. As far as investigators we found out Abby is moving to Texas.... So that sucks. But it's ok we will find someone else! Denise wasn't able to meet this week as her daughter was visiting. So as far as they go no new progress to report. Haha I would sincerely question what you did with my real mom if you weren't on top of me for that stuff when I get home! I totally expect to have doctrinal discussions when I get home haha. Speaking of that Dad mentioned teaching the boys and solving the why. Elder Bednar talks about the differences between Doctrines and Applications, and how a lot of time in the church we very much overfocus on application. The what we are doing. He talks about if theres a home teaching problem, then we all want to come up with these inovative things to get people to home teach. But he said he would rather just teach them the doctrine of why we home teach, and then when they understand that and let the Holy Ghost teach them to do it, then they will do it no matter what. Because now they know why they need to do it. The same can be applied to any gospel teaching. "Teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves" (Joseph Smith). So that is my 2 sense on the doctrine of the kingdom hahaha. Yes I know what Parkour is hahaha I so called him getting into that haha. He has way too much energy to not get into that haha. Yes I would definitely recommend Dad taking them. But it's not going to be a fast process. You have to take them regularly for about a month before you start noticing a difference. But like I said they clear your head with little to no side effects! The secret is they are all natural, so nothing nasty is getting put in your system. Yes I emailed Jaime this week sorry I get caught up in talking to a lot of people. Um that's pretty much everything I can think of so I guess I will talk to you next week! Love you all!
Love, Elder Braken Park

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