Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 31: Email Home - New Companion, Elder Lawrence from Oakley, Utah.

I had told Braken about a mom in Indianapolis who was at his transfer meeting this last transfer and was taking pictures.  She got one of him.....

Dear Mom and Dad,

I didn't know that about transfers! That's really cool! I did get your letters and your package and I am very grateful for those! Thanks so much for having me on your mind I really appreciate that. Anyway, my new companion's name is Elder Lawrence. He is from Oakley, Utah (near Park City), and has been serving now for 16 months. A funny thing about him is that he has been living in the same apartment as Elder Clapier for the last 6 months. He apparently heard a lot of stories about me from Elder Clapier so it feels like we kind of already know each other. This week Tommy made a big leap in his progress as he has agreed to pray about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, and said in a couple weeks he will be at church, which was huge because it's been a big struggle to get him to church. Also this week we found a new Investigator, who's name is Antwjaun. He played basketball in college so he wants to come play with us sometime. He is super excited to learn about the gospel and read from the Book of Mormon. Hopefully he keeps that desire as we continue to teach him! Could I get a copy of that Family History book? I've been interested in learning some of our ancestor's stories because Family History opens a lot of doors that otherwise would never be open to us as far as people go. Let me know because I think that would be a great opportunity for finding people! And Dad, This is why we can't have nice things! Just kidding it sounds like you had a good time at the dunes! Just make sure mason doesn't get too attached I want Hal back when I get home! ;) Anyway I hope you guys have a great week!

Love, Elder Braken Park

P.S. Sorry I didn't have any pictures today I totally forgot my camera I'll have plenty of pictures to give you next week! 

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