Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 30 E-mail Home - Transfers . . . Losing Elder Foster :(

Dear Mom and Dad,
So this week was transfers and Elder Foster is leaving and I am staying in Eagle Creek. This was a tough one to swallow as I have really enjoyed Elder Foster and I was sure they would keep us together. Ugh another new companion I really hope it's not according to the pattern I've noticed where I like one companion and then the next I don't like. Anyway I'll work through it. We've been teaching a Japanese guy this last little while his name is Tomahiro, but he likes to go by Tommy. Fine by me hahahaha. He's an interesting fellow as he is very new to christianity, and so is very open to new ideas and meeting with us, but he likes the church he goes to and was recently baptised in that church so he feels like he doesn't need to have it done again. We've been emphasizing priesthood authority, but it doesn't really sink in as of yet. But he's attended 2 baptisms and a fireside on the second coming that the ward had last night. He reads from the book of mormon all the time, he just doesn't really understand it. We are going to try and get a japanese one from the mission and a children's one as well to help him understand. Hopefully once he starts understanding the BOM he can gain a testimony and start to want to be baptised. Anyway thanks for the letters this week I really enjoyed them! I haven't gotten your package yet it might be here today or tomorrow. And I'm in the middle of Indy so there's every kind of store around so I'll just grab a colts hoodie or something from walmart. I actually grabbed a new pair of running shoes and a pair of shorts from burlington for like $40 together and they are super nice. The ones I came out with are pretty trashed the pockets in the shorts were torn out and the shoes are starting to tear. Oh well stuff always breaks huh?  And Dad your quad totally is the Prodigal Son. I am forever naming it that hahaha. I hope Hal is still in good condition. The first weekend I get home we are going to the dunes. Looking on it now that is the thing I miss the most about home. So take care of my baby! Hahaha just kidding but seriously I want to have a quad when I get home. Anyway I hope you guys have a good week. I will look for your package in the upcoming days! Next week I'll have a new companion so I'll let you know how that went!
Love, Elder Braken Park

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