Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Week 27: E-mail Home

Dear Mom and Dad,
First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! YOU ARE OFFICIALLY OLD! Hahaha jk :) If I can I'll send something I think you'll like ;) This week has been great Aro passed his baptismal interview so he will be baptised this saturday! It's been awesome to be here for all his lessons and all his progression. It's different to find someone, teach them and see them baptised all while you are in that area! Other than that it sounds like sickness has been all over half our district has been hit pretty hard this week, Elder Foster and Elder Zeyer especially. Luckily I haven't been hit to hard yet a little mucousy but I'm way better compared to some of the others hahaha. Kalen we've been having a hard time getting ahold of this week so we really don't know how he's doing as of now, but we have a new number for him so hopefully we'll get back in contact with him. Other than that It's been a pretty boring week very very cold...... again hahaha. It's been like 3 weeks in a row now. Maybe that's why everybody is sick? I don't know. I did get Jen's letters and I loved them! Tell them thanks for me! I would love to get some letters from you guys too if you could find some time. I know you guys are busy so I'm not going to pressure you. I'm very sorry to hear about grandma. I will keep her in my prayers.  She'll pull through she's tough. :) Well I love you guys and look forward to hearing from you again! 
Love, Elder Braken Park 

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