Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 99: My Last Week in the Field!

Dear Mom and Dad,
First off about the LifeEz I haven't got yours so don't worry about sending more. Will you put some money on my card so I can just order one bottle to last me until I get home? I did it about a week ago and got it in about 3 days. I have enough to last me until about saturday. So let me know when you've done that because I need to do it today thanks!! Well this is it... The finally week.... I was thinking for a long time I wouldn't be ready for it when it came, but after this week I am so done hahaha. Everything we had fell through this week. Wendy, half our dinners, and to top it all off she didn't even make it to church. I can't wait for next week! Anyway the temple open house is going on, our only real part in it is we drive the sisters over there so they can do tours and then we desperately try to get non members to go so we can go. No luck yet. Oh well what can we do? We have a bunch of service planned this week so it'll go fast. Did you get the email sister cleveland sent with my itinerary?
Anyway I'm trunky... life goes on... and see you all in a week!!! Love you!!!
Love, Elder Braken Park

Dear Dad,

Haha don't worry Dad we have lot's of service planned as well as a few lessons. I may be trunky but I'm still a missionary :) And of course they'll be some door knocking. I haven't come this far to quit the last week. I'm picturing the obscenities that flew out as you got cold and wet and I'd be trying not to laugh too hahaha. 
Love ya Dad see ya in a week!

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