Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 100: Last E-mail Home!!

Dear Mom and Dad,
I can't believe it's finally here! I don't really know what to say either. I'm kind of beside myself honestly, as there's part of me that's in denial and thinks nah I'm still gonna be a missionary in a week. Then there's the rational part that goes ok it's time to be done. So I have no idea what I feel right now I'm a complete mess. As far as things you need to be aware of... Honestly not really I'm the only one coming home from this mission so there won't be too many people there I don't think. At least for my mission. Just hoping their scales read the same as my cheap walmart one hahaha. I don't really care haha they can wear me out all they want they need their big brother! And yes mom I will be more than happy to just sit and talk with you :) Also do you want me to bring bedding home? It's kinda nasty and I was gonna just leave it for space sake, but IDK where you're gonna put me haha. Anyway let me know I'll be back on this afternoon I'm only doing a quick check in before I go to lunch with President Cleveland. Love you see ya tomorrow!
Love, Braken

Hey bud - so don't bring home any nasty bedding.  We've got you covered.  Sell your bike unless you feel you really need it.  Or just leave it for another missionary to use.   Anything else?
Let me know.  
See you, 
Love mom

Nope haha I just gave it to Elder Walker it isn't worth anything. Also I could use a card refill just to make sure in case one of my suitcases is overweight.  Braken

Yes, I will put $ in your account.  I just haven't had time, but I will get to it don't worry.  Anything else??  

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