Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 96: Fill in the Gaps with Service!

Dear Mom and Dad,
First off I need more LifeEz this week! :) So this week we are officially getting into Temple mode. The Indianapolis Temple open house starts in 2 weeks so we were given these invitations that we are spreading far and wide in Fishers. We are super excited about the opportunities that will bring! We have been really trying to get Wendy to go but she is still in Michigan...... Also been trying to do a lot of service. It fills our big holes of empty time that are starting to look more and more daunting every day. I can see why I'm with Elder Walker right now. He is willing to go with the flow enough to not irritate me, but still wants to work hard enough to keep me motivated. I'll tell you what finishing your mission in the hardest area of the mission is not easy, but we are making it happen. Haha Dad your story reminds me of countless days spent at PG pool with you teaching me how to do things haha. Some things never change. And some things do! Garret with a drivers license.... There's a scary thought! It'll be crazy having 4 drivers in the family! I guess I'm gonna have to go try and find a car somewhere so we aren't stepping on each others toes all the time! Haha I keep thinking things are gonna be pretty similar when I get home but there's also gonna be a lot of change. As to the weather situation, we lucked out super hard this summer we only had one week that was really bad with like 90s and 100% humidity. But we still constantly have the rediculous humidity which means anything over 75 you are sweating bullets especially walking around in missionary clothes hahaha. Definitely something I will not miss. Anyway thanks for all you guys do I love you all! 
Love, Elder Braken Park

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