Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 98: Another Awesome Week - Pray for a Baptism!

Dear Mom and Dad,
This week was super sweet!!! Had an awesome lesson with Wendy and her kids, found them a solid friend in the ward, and to top it off, they all came to church this week!!!! We are going to put her on a baptismal date this thursday so pray for us! That's pretty much everything that happened this week honestly. Hahaha sorry about the package all that's in it is some clothes and old planners and letters and misc. junk. I didn't want you to open it so it doesn't get lost before I get home is all. If you really want to look inside I don't care I just don't want anything lost hahaha I just sent it home to free up space. I haven't got any LifeEz but if I get it today I will come back to the library and let you know. normally it takes about 2-4 days I bought one saturday because I'm struggling this week. I have been struggling with Elder Walker a lot and the loss of the supplements have just made it worse. No fights yet but oh my gosh the kid irritates me. Anytime you say anything he has to spout off this 20 minute dissertation on how much more about it he knows than you. I don't completely blame him he suffers from autism pretty badly, but still it drives me up the wall sometimes. I really need to get back on the supplements before I blow up at the kid. He had the gall to tell me I was stupid for playing magic last night. Well he didn't single me out, but he just said anyone who played games like that was either dumb or had no life. I just stared at the districts numbers I was collecting and was ready to blow up. He just really needs to learn to think before he says things. But anyway I'm making it only two more weeks. Well really only one more because I'll be spending the last week going around the ward saying goodbye to people. I'm gonna see if I can make it back up to Crawfordsville and say goodbye to some people up there. There'll probably be one or 2 more packages coming in the next couple weeks.  I think that was all. I love you guys! See you in 2 weeks!
Love, Elder Braken Park

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