Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 97: Awesome Week - Indianapolis Temple VIP Tour

Dear Mom and Dad,
First off Mom I am officially out of LifeEz, so please send some ASAP! This week was super awesome!!! We had a VIP tour of the temple yesterday that was for missionaries and investigators, and we were able to get Wendy and her kids there with us! She felt the spirit sooo strong she is totally on fire!! We are set to meet with her this thursday and she has no more plans to go anywhere this summer! We got her cornered now! But in answer to your other questions, Yes I am trunky. If you define trunky as thinking about home a lot then yes. However I will still continue to do my job here. Fishers is just making it really hard to focus because it's so hard to get anything done here. But with the Temple Open House starting we are seeing a lot of interest come up even here! So the temple is proving to be a huge blessing in more ways than one. You should be in some of the conversations we have with members here they are soooo excited to have this opening here! On average people are bringing about 20 people a piece to the open house! I'm so happy I get to finish my mission during the open house here! So in answer to your questions about Familysearch. If there are suspected duplicates then they will not allow you to reserve ordinances. Most of those I have had to work through many duplicates in order to reserve the ordinances. Also the church has given a new policy that makes it so you can only have ordinances reserved for 2 years, and they released all the ordinances that were reserved longer than that, freeing up a lot of ordinances. So I will look into it, but I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them came back as still needing ordinances. As far as classes go, my thoughts are keep it pretty medium. Don't load me up so bad I'm gonna collapse under all the work, but still enough to keep me busy. Really??! You have a countdown?!? You are a terrible person!!! Gosh dang as if I wasn't already trunky enough. Haha but anyway I think that's about it, thanks for everything I love you guys!!
Love, Elder Braken Park
P.S, Please don't forget about the LifeEz

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