Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week 61: Email Home - Happy Halloween

Dear Mom and Dad,

So to start with Kevin... Well when we talked to him he was wanting to get back into church and make it right with the person who offended him, so that was good, but he missed church so that was really disappointing. I think a baby gift from you would be a little weird at this point so I'm gonna say no to that sorry. Brenda is really going no where right now. She really didn't like the idea of a pre-mortal life and refused to pray about it when we told her that's how she would be sure if it was true. So we might be done teaching her for now. I'm doing alright this week was kinda difficult there looked like there was a lot of progress going to be made, but in the end nothing really showed. Oh well this week should be better hopefully. We need a way to get this ward into missionary work... Oh well but anyway yea I remember those weekends spent raking leaves... And then I come out here and members want us to do it for them. Haha well I never thought I'd say it but it's a good thing you taught us how to work. It seems like every week we are helping somebody move... Or clean... Or something along those lines. The joys of being a missionary. Sounds like you and Peyton had fun though! Good thing you weren't out here we had a record-breaking cold Halloween this year! We actually saw some snow flurries! (which normally don't come until late November here). Anyway I'm doing great as far as normal life goes I'm sorry to hear about Uncle Bill. It's all good though funerals are the best time to be a Mormon haha. Well I love you all have a great week!

Love, Elder Braken Park

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