Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 62: Email Home - Better Week this Week

Dear Mom and Dad,

So this week went really well! We found a new family, Bobby and Jessica, who have an adorable 1 year old son named Bobby. They have a strong belief in Christ and have seen a lot of miracles in their lives. They are pretty sweet and are excited to learn. Kevin is kind of back on track... Kind of being the important phrase there. He is meeting with us again but really isn't going anywhere. It's everything we can do to just keep teaching him. Oh well. We are doing our best I guess. Sounds like everyone's down and out this week! Wow if Dad got you laughing so bad you pulled a muscle I want to hear that joke! I did something similar but we were moving somebody haha. Anyway I will email Christy! I can't really think of much else to say... Love you all! Have a great week!

Love, Elder Braken Park

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