Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 64: Yay! A Much Better Week!

Dear Mom and Dad,

This week has been much, much better. We were able to get back with Kevin, Matt, and Chastity. They said they were coming to church, but weren't able to make it. But regardless, we taught a whole ton of lessons this week. We've started doing this thing where we meet with people for shorter times, but more frequently throughout the week. President told me in his interview with me that he is closing the Crawfordsville Elders area. So that'll mean a Double transfer for me and Elder Williams, and we are the last elders who will be in this ward. The mission is shrinking because the initial huge waves of missionaries are going home and so they are having to close a lot of areas. So our transfer is the 3rd of December. Either way I've been in C-ville forever, so I'd have been gone anyway, haha. So I'll be for sure gone by then so probably don't send anything thanks! We do have an invite for Thanksgiving. Well, actually we have 2... So we are gonna get really fat. As far as the weather goes, Indiana is bipolar. Last week this time it was 25 degrees and snowing like crazy, and then by Wednesday it was 50 and rainy which is how it is today. So I've gone from a coat, scarf, gloves, and a hat, to a sweater. Haha weather is a fun thing here. It's supposed to get crazy cold again this week though. My CTR coat I'm not really impressed with. It doesn't really do the job so I picked up a nice trenchcoat from the Carmel goodwill for like 10 bucks when I was in Eagle Creek, (its like DI) and I've been really happy with it. I haven't gotten anything from you yet so I'll keep an eye out for it!  Anyway thanks for all you guys do! Love you and have a good week!

Love, Elder Braken Park

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