Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 40 Email Home: AWESOME WEEK!

Dear Mom and Dad,

This week has been really great! We were able to meet with Mike and he committed to us that he is going to quit smoking! This is a huge step for him and he is starting down the right path. We got hit with a pretty good heat wave this week. Lots of sun about 85 and HUMID! Me and Elder Sneddon are both pretty sunburned! The problem is he is a little.... Thinning.... so his head gets hit pretty hard hahaha. We have done a lot of walking around, talking to people, and knocking on doors this week. We don't have many investigators and so we are trying to find people. We did find someone new this week though! His name is Matt and he is struggling with his relationship with God he said. Well that's our specialty! So we taught him once and are going to meet with him again this week on Wednesday! Also we talked to a lady named Renee who is one of the honest seekers of truth. She doesn't really like the way most religions are so we are going to introduce her to the true one! She was really interested in learning more so we are going to stop back by this week! On a different note Thanks so much for all the birthday stuff! I realised I never really thanked you last week! That electric razor has ruined me for a standard razor! I really appreciated the brownies too! (Even though they are gonna give me the Beatus :) Sounds like things are going well at home I like the sound of blackmail hahaha :) We have frisbee golf now?? I have always wanted to play that never had the chance to though. I'll have to find an investigator who'll take us! either that or wait another year ;) I hope that you guys have a great week! I love you all!

Love, Elder Braken Park
P.S. thanks for all the music! :)
The Birthday Bash Party Mess!!
You can see we sent his packages in a MAC Tools Box!  The only ones we have lying around!

Happy Birthday to ME!!

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