Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 43 Email Home: Crawfordsville Transfer Area with Elder Sneddon! Yay!

Dear Mom and Dad,

So the transfer news! I am now in the Crawfordsville ward. Crawfordsville is a little town about 1 hour northeast of Indy. So far being here is givin me massive flashbacks of Martinsville. My companion is.... Elder Sneddon! So basically President Cleveland Picked us up out of Plainfield and dropped us here in Crawfordsville! So my new address is 128 1/2 West Main Street Crawfordsville IN 47933. So far the ward has been awesome. The elders before us had to move into a new apartment because the neighboring house was a meth house and started a fire and contaminated their house. So the ward has been supplying us with furniture to get the new place livable. It's been pretty great. It's huge too! We made a video walkthrough of it I'll get it from Elder Sneddon and put it up on drive. So as for the work We have one 9 year old girl in the ward who is just about ready to be baptised. Her dad is less active so we are trying to get him activated so he can baptise her! So far that's really all the people we've met, but I'll let you know as we meet more people. Sorry this one's a little short the computers here are timed so I only have an hour. (Which is super lame). I love you guys! Have an awesome week!

Love, Elder Braken Park

Elder Sneddon - "Live Long and Prosperous!"

Braken made Taco Pizza all by himself!  Good Job!

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