Friday, June 13, 2014

Week 41 Email Home - Great Work Week!

Dear Mom and Dad,

So to start off this week has been pretty great. We were able to teach a lot more lessons this week mostly to less actives. Mike is moving along very well. His great nephew Shane is actually now wanting to meet with us so this week we are going to start teaching him. He is super sweet but he just got nailed for an OWI so we might be working around the fun of the law.... Oh well that's what we do I guess hahaha. That's awesome you get to go back to girl's camp! I hope you enjoy it! We are also working with a less active named John. He is the nicest guy you'd ever meet he just is really..... old. He doesn't come because he kind of lazy so we've been trying to supply him with some motivation to come. Hopefully we can get him around! Also this week was Stake Conference and President Cleveland spoke and he seriously threw down on members for not using us (Full Time Missionaries) enough. It was kind of intense but really needed. The ward here is good but the thing we are running into is that all the referrals go to the sisters in the ward. I've really developed a.... disdain for sister missionaries. Our mission really treats them like princesses and the wards aren't much different. I rant about it all the time to Elder Sneddon so I'm sure he is sick of it lol. But as far as me and him go it's a great companionship. We both put in a request for 2 transfers together to President Cleveland. Hopefully he will do it! Transfer calls are next Sunday too so we will see and I'll let you know what happens! I hope everything is going well at home! I put up a picture of our house on drive so you can see where we live :) also I put a picture of the complete mess your birthday package and those confetti poppers made of our house! Haha it was fun though. A sister in the ward asked for some home recipes and so I gave her taco pizza and she is gonna make it for us! I'm super excited for that! Well anyway I love you guys and hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Braken Park

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