Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 36 E-mail Home - Braken Got The Transfer Call - He will be leaving....

Dear Mom and Dad, 

So I've been in the Eagle Creek Ward not crest, but our transfer calls were last night and I am leaving, so come next week I'll be in a different ward. I am very sad to leave I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here it was a great place to work in. Oh well what can you do? I'll send you a letter with the new address as the return address so don't send anything to this address anymore. this week has been very odd being in a threesome. I have been around Elder Rhoton for the last 5 months so I knew him pretty well, just living with him 24/7 was different. We did a lot of service for a couple of the retired families in the ward. We mowed and trimmed lawns, pulled weeds, raked dirt, that sort of thing. Elder Rhoton used to do landscaping so he was a big help there. Elder Lawrence was a good companion though. Not my favorite but he knew how to do the work. As far as my health goes I'm doing pretty well physically and spiritually. Mentally I'm getting a little what we call "trunky". I've been thinking a lot about "your trunks" or, going home and it's been difficult to say the least. It'll pass I'm sure. Dad, sorry to hear about your quad, but think of it this way, you have another 15 months to figure it out so we can go to the dunes when I get back! Just don't go to crazy so Hal can at least somewhat keep up haha. So I failed... I forgot my camera this week so I will get pictures to you next week. Sorry about that I am terrible at remembering my camera places. Well thanks for your guys' constant support. It will be needed especially now as I change areas. Changing areas is really hard for me so thanks for being willing to support me. I love you guys have a great week!

Love, Elder Braken Park

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