Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 23 E-mail Home: Braken's Apartment Was Broken Into, Scary!

Dear Mom & Dad,

First off I have not been getting bank statements, as we set it up in the MTC, so I have no idea where they would be. Definitely call Zions and talk to them about it. I'm sorry you guys have all been sick! This has definitely been an Interesting week. Tuesday we were splitting our area up and that meant a couple days inside and a whole lot of paperwork. So while our zone leaders were away, we decided to pull a prank on them to break up the monotony. We took a couple shovels and filled their tub with snow, and then when we left that night Elder Dodd turned their heater off, so it didn't melt. The next morning one of them went and started to get into the shower and saw it. It took them a good 45 minutes to melt it all!   They were mad at first, but then they realised how funny it was.  So that's the fun stuff from the week! 

In missionary news, our Nigerian investigator, Aro, hasn't missed a Sunday yet, and he actually asked if there was a pre-baptism program he could be a part of. We promptly told him he was in it. He is super excited for his baptism!  So, this week we are teaching Aro in a members home twice so that'll be awesome.  We are so lucky to have found him. He lives across the street too, so we can teach him whenever!   We picked up a couple of HQ referrals (people who requested missionary visits) so we'll be visiting them to. We will probably do a lot of tracting as well though we are expecting a lot of snow the next couple days. Hopefully someone will let us in! 
The members haven't been feeding us as much as in Martinsville, but here there are 3 sets of missionaries to this ward so its understandable. 

In other news we have a new address:   4637 Lynnfield Road, Apt. 970,  Indianapolis IN, 46254. We got broken into the other day, so they moved us.   We were out working and when we came home there was a bootprint on the door next to our picture of Jesus and the door was ajar and the doorstop destroyed. Luckily they didn't take anything except for my little bowl on my desk I had with laundry change in it.  All in all,  about $4 in quarters.  But still, a huge hassel to get the cops to come down, do a report, and then move everything 2 weeks before transfers. Oh well life happens. We are in the same complex,  just a different apartment and much nicer though. There's a lot of work here so I wouldn't want them to move us far.   All of our investigators live within .5 miles of us.

Today we have planned to have preparation day until 6 which is do laundry, go shopping, then when we get done we are going to the church to play basketball.

So I'm finally sending that package I said I was sending a month ago. I'm really sorry it's taken so long the post office is outside our area so we can only make it on our way to the library to email. Tell mason I'm really sorry it's taken so long. Well that's my week I hope you guys are doing better and that you guys have a great week!

Love, Elder Braken Park

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