Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 10 E-mail Home

Dear Mom and Dad,
First off I'll say sorry, as there is simply not enough time to write two big emails to each of you, so I will write one big email to both of you, then do letters individually. First off this week has gone pretty well for the work and for me and my companion. We were able to get permission from the mother of a 9 year old boy to get him baptized. We have been teaching him since I got here, and now finally have permission for him to be baptized. His dad is a member so he basically knew everything, he just was older than 8 so he had to be taught by the missionaries so that he could be baptized.  To answer Mom's question about meetings with president, we see him at zone conference, which is once every other transfer, (A transfer is 6 weeks) and the transfers we don't have zone conference we have interviews with him, so all in all we probably see him about once every 6 weeks. We do email him every week to keep him informed of what's going on in our different areas. 
I have kept Jake in my prayers every night, as well as Jen and Wayland. I'm very glad to hear that you guys are helping them out. Thank you for keeping me updated on how he is doing. Now Dad, about you wanting the razr.... Yes I do think the razr would be fun, however, my problem is that we can use the boat closer to home, and that only one person can drive the razr, rather than us all having our own quads to drive. So my vote is no on the razr. I think all of us having quads is better than having a razr. But I guess they're your quads so it's really up to you. As for poor Bryson, I'll just say he must be stronger than me because I know I definitely couldn't eat stuff like that. Anyway, I'll send some letters this week more personal to both of you. Take care and tell the boys that I love them and miss them!
Love, Elder Braken Park

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