Monday, November 18, 2013

Week 12: E-mail to Emily and Nic

To  Emily and Nic:
Hey guys! Sorry I haven't written, I will try to do better. If I could get your addresses it would be a lot easier for me as I'm better at hand written. Things have been going well in Indiana, a little bit of crazy weather but nothing too major. We've done a lot of service this week and it's been awesome. Most of our work here is with less actives, so the service greatly helps them come back to church. We've already seen 2 less actives begin coming back to church.  So transfer news: Everyone in Martinsville except me is getting transferred out. Elder Clapier (my trainer) is training again, and Elder Rowberry is becoming a district leader. So that means 3 new missionaries coming into martinsville, one of the sets being a double-transfer. It's sad to see them go as we have really gotten along well and enjoyed each other, but it will definitely be fun to see some new faces. Love you both and wish you much success!
Love, Elder Braken Park

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