Thursday, November 14, 2013

We Finally Have Some Pictures from the Field!

P-Day Hike into the hills around Martinsville.

Braken's District
L-R:  Elder Larsen, Elder Rowberry, Elder Clapier (Braken's Comp), Braken, Elder Eller,
Elder Loveless, Elder Smith, Elder Sperry, Elder Draper, Sister Allen, Sister Clark

Braken and Elder Eller
Elder Eller is waiting on his visa to go through.  Then, he's off to his "real" mission to Brazil.
Braken has really enjoyed getting to know him.

Braken's funny companion, Elder Clapier.  He has trained Braken since Braken arrived in Martinsville.
Elder Clapier tied his tie in a very large knot.  Braken also mentioned that he made a flame-thrower out of a lighter and a bottle of butane.  

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