Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 87: ..."and The Holy Ghost will tell you all things that ye should do..."

Dear Mom and Dad,
Things are doing much better. Well nothing's really changed except that I gave a training in District meeting on becoming more fully converted (with some visual aid from Elder Bednar) and how we can, like the people of ammon, give up the "weapons of our rebellion" and "fight no more against our God." So I had everyone write on pieces of paper what their "weapons of rebellion" were. Mine was my crappy attitude about my companion. So I buried it in the earth, AKA the Fishers trash service. Since then I have been really praying hard for the gift of charity, and in "Act in Doctrine" Elder Bednar talks about praying to see things as they really are. It's not something to be casual about at all, because the Holy Ghost will tell you exactly how it is. It will rebuke you for things you aren't doing right, but it will also praise you for what you are doing right. I decided to undertake that with my fast this sunday, and it was a much needed experience. I felt immense peace about how I was doing with the work, and parts of how I was dealing with my companion. I also got rebuked about a couple things I need to work on. So it was a very painful experience and also a very wonderful one. So that could be something to consider. Other than that it's been a slow week here in fishers. Lots of walking around. Me and Elder Bruckman got pretty sunburned saturday. We took one of our lunch breaks and went fishing in the pond behind our apartment and caught some pretty nice fish, (see pics on drive). Us and the other fishers Elders are trying our hardest to find as much service as possible so we can stay busy because our finding isn't working. So that's lot's of fun. So my 20th birthday... My thoughts are honestly I'd almost prefer to wait for that because I'll be home in 3 months and I'll want a phone.... I honestly can't think of anything I really want right now just because it'll be more stuff to carry around or have to pack home. I'm already putting together a package of clothes and miscellaneous crap I don't really need out here. So that's my thoughts, but we do get to skype on Sunday so we can talk in more detail then. Dad is making me trunky for the dunes.... I miss Hal!!!! But it's ok I'll see him in 3 months :) Um that's really all I can think of so I guess I'll talk to you next week! Love you guys!
Love, Elder Braken Park

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