Monday, August 25, 2014

Week 51: Another Awesome Week! Keep Praying for our Investigators!

Dear Mom and Dad,
This week was super sick! This week Kevin, Chris and Chastity all made it to church this week! The only bad thing was trying to introduce all of them to ward members with only the two of us. Kevin is doing awesome, we had a good talk about the word of wisdom this week and his only real problem is he occasionally drinks tea so that was his only issue with it. Our other issue with him is getting him to accept a baptismal date. He knows pretty much everything it's just that he hasn't accepted a date yet... So that's a little frustrating. But anyway. On the other topics, yes we used to call Tyler (Finch) Dr. Love. Bryson started it and it just stuck from that point on. As far as Shoes go Hush Puppies are definitely the way to go. If they could be the same style I would like that. And yes the size is good. No issues with my feet spontaneously growing yet haha. Also I could use more contacts.... Sorry I'm so needy... I've found out that after a year a lot of things you planned for start to run out... So if you could send some that'd be awesome. So I will vouch for Mason's argument though. Yes I realise that he's younger than I was, but Blakfyre is a very family friendly environment. They make it so that kids like Mason can have somewhere to go and play games. Also it would be good for him to learn how to talk to people. It's a skill I wish I would have had before I came on a mission. But anyway! I sent you some pictures of Elder Sneddon's Bacon Package. It was a whole package based on Bacon! I thought it was funny so I thought I'd send it to you. Sorry I'm not too talkative today. Last night the apartment was 76 degrees and we have 2 A/C units going full time.... Sleepless in Indiana... I will definitely not miss Indiana summers. During the day it gets up to about 78-80 in there. Oh well can't wait till winter and I can keep the apartment 65 again. Me and Elder Lawrence kept it that cold and it was beautiful. Anyway hope you guys have a great week!
Love, Elder Braken Park

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