Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 49: Email Home - It's the 1/2 Way Mark of The Mission! Only 1 Year Left! Trunky Time :)

Dear Mom and Dad,
Well it's that time..... I have 1 year left from today..... That picture I sent you of me eating taco pizza is because me and Elder Sneddon were celebrating. Elder Rowberry described what will happen now back when I was in Martinsville. He said that your first 6 months feels like a year, your second 6 months feels like 6 months, and your last year feels like 6 months. I've hit the back end... I can't believe it's come this fast! Anyway off of the Trunky talk. Transfers aren't for another 5 weeks and me and Elder Sneddon are gonna both get taken out at that point and they'll put sisters in Crawfordsville. But as for now we are here. This week was alright a bit of a mediocre week nothing super amazing happened but nothing bad happened either so we are just in a meh mode. We will kill it this week though. Kevin asked for a blessing this week to help him cope with his situation. It's been rough for him the adversary does not play nice. His wife has been.... Less than helpful as well. But the ward has been giving their full support to him so he is gonna be alright. But anyway... GARRET IS DRIVING?? Ugh you have no idea how OLD that makes me feel.... Geez I go on a mission and suddenly everyone thinks it's ok to just grow up on me! Oh well. Yes the thing on Elder Sneddon's neck is gone now so that's good. Yea it's probably best Steve isn't around any more he might wreck it before I'd get back ;) Just kidding haha. Anyway I hope you guys have a great week! 
Love, Elder Braken Park

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