Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 45 Email Home

Dear Mom and Dad,

So first off it's not quite a year it's 11 months as of today but who's counting? ;) Yes I did get the garments and they work great thanks so much! This week has been pretty good. We saw some amazing strides in some of the people we have been working with. First off there's Chris and Amanda. Amanda is a less active member who is going to be married to Chris come fall, and we had a really great lesson with them where he said he needs to work on changing his life for the better. They both made it to church this Sunday so that was super great! The second one was our Investigator Kevin. We had a lesson set up where we were basically going to drop him. He told us he was not going to change how he believed but he wanted to learn for an Educational value. Well our last lesson he started talking how he had this "Euphoric Natural High", and asked what it meant. We explained it was the spirit and it was saying that what we said was true. He came to church and then after sacrament he pulled Elder Sneddon aside and he said "I'm getting that feeling again only this time it's stronger. Explain it." He told him that it was the spirit telling him the same thing that it told him back at his house. So that was super sick. I'm glad Dad has finally got his problem child worked out haha. It seems like every dunes trip you have to work on it :) I'm doing good though. My district leader is a total bro I love him. We are really similar in a lot of ways so I really like him. I have realised these last 2 transfers I am not as nerdy as I thought. I am pretty nerdy don't get me wrong, but I inherited a lot of Redneck so I'm more of a half-blood. Like when we are out talking to people, for the most part I do the talking partly because here everyone has super nice classic cars and I can talk cars with people, and Elder Sneddon kind of... Can't. Nothing against him he just hasn't had a whole lot of social interaction in his life. So the other part is that he's kind of awkward with people. So while he is the older Companion I am pretty much the lead guy. Not something that I really enjoy too much but you gotta do whatcha gotta do I guess. Well I love you guys I look forward to hearing from you again!

Love, Elder Braken Park
Braken and his companion, Elder Sneddon, in Crawfordsville

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