Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 34 Email Home. Things are looking good!

Dear Mom and Dad,

Thanks so much for the Easter package! You'll never guess what happened though.... Elder Lawrence was on exchanges with Elder Weekes and Elder Rhoton was with me in Elder Rhoton's area so I was out of our house for a couple days. Well while I was on Exchanges your package came, and Elder Lawrence and Elder Weekes thought it would be funny to take all the stuff in it and hide it around the apartment. So I really did get to look for easter eggs.... Ugh some people's children. So with our WML he is just really not ever helping us. Like a couple times we schedule a meeting with him and we go to his house and he isn't there so we wait around for about an hour until either he shows up an hour late or he doesn't show up at all. President Cleveland heard about it from us so he got involved by letting our bishop know that some changes need to be made. So hopefully we can get that worked out. So on the note of the DMV I did have to take a written test there if you remember it was on the computers and I remember specifically doing it there. If he studies though it shouldn't be a big deal. It'll be worth it for him once he gets his permit he'll really enjoy it. So on the note of teaching, you'll never guess who we ran into. We were walking along and we ran into Kalen! His phone got stolen and that's why we lost contact with him! So we started teaching him again. Also Tommy has made leaps and bounds. He said that if he felt this is God's path for him he would do everything necessary to follow it. We just are desperately trying to get him to pray about it sincerely. Prayers are needed his way! He is so close he just needs an extra push! Please make an extra note this week to pray for him specifically for the desire to pray and to recieve an answer to that prayer! Thank you for your love and support they are so appreciated! I love you all and wish you a happy week!

Love, Elder Braken Park

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