Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 18 E-mail Home

Dear Mom & Dad,
This week has been pretty slow honestly. With the holidays around not too many people are wanting to take a break and listen. I do have some slightly sad news. The assistants called last night and I am getting transferred. So make sure the word gets around that my address is no longer the martinsville address. As soon as I know my new address I will let you guys know. Thanks for all the gifts especially the GPS. Going into a new area will be a lot better knowing I'll be able to find things. Sorry I've been using so much personal I had to use it for all the christmas and mason's birthday stuff, and because I had to get my suits cleaned (they were pretty nasty). It'll be better now that it's over. Oh and did you get my Christmas package? It said it'd be there monday but I wasn't sure what time. My surprise is on top for you! I'll send you a letter with a better explanation as I don't know if you do have it. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Martinsville and I am sad to leave, but I'm sure I am needed elsewhere. I am a little bummed that if I'm not within an hour of Martinsville I won't get to go to Luke's baptism..... But oh well me and Elder Clapier signed the back of a tie that Elder Davis is going to give to him at his baptism. So at least he'll have a memory from us. Well I love you guys and I'll send you a letter from my new address when I get there!
Love, Elder Braken Park

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