Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 84: Down and Out :(

Dear Mom and Dad,
Well this week has been.... Interesting. If you remember Plainfield I'm in an Area very similar to that. I'm in Fishers. Very affluent, Very wealthy, and there is a city ordinance that prohibits tracting. The only difference is the ward is actually supportive this time. Sorry to sound pessimistic but I'm really burned out with getting sent to these wards where I show up and some stupid missionaries have screwed things up and I have to fix it so I have no investigators, and the members don't trust us. It's happened in every ward since I left Eagle Creek. I'm SOO over it. For once I'd like to go to an area and have at least 1 Freaking investigator. I had hoped for my last 3 transfers I'd get to go somewhere where I could actually do some work, but no. Oh well Sorry I'm not doing very well right now. My new companion is named Elder Bruckman. He is from Layton. He's alright we don't mesh super well but he's willing to work which is good. I'm going to need a lot of support this transfer. I've got another set of Zone Leaders who are gonna breathe down my neck about numbers, and I'm really close to president, so I'm sure I'll get it from him too. I did talk to him about the orientation so we will see what he says there. Um other than that I just need the vitamins. Thanks guys.... Sorry I just kinda needed to vent. I do love you guys and appreciate all you do for me.
Thanks! Talk to you next week
Love, Elder Braken Park

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