Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 53 Email Home: Elder Sneddon's Getting Transferred :( Braken Will Miss Him!

Dear Mom and Dad,

So first the big transfer news... I will be staying in Crawfordsville... and Training a new missionary. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this... It's going to be interesting teaching a greenie the ropes. Oh well whatever they want me to do. The other thing is that sisters are coming to Crawfordsville. That's something I'm NOT happy about. It was super nice just having the run of the town to ourselves. That and members go nuts when they first get sisters and tend to throw the elders by the wayside. (that's what happened a lot in Plainfield. Oh well hopefully we don't get really uppity prideful sisters. Anyway onto the weekly update! Kevin and Chastity are still doing awesome. They are making it to church, reading and praying all the time, and Kevin agreed to have an answer to baptism in October when Katy has their son. He really hasn't given us any reason to make us believe that he is going to say no. So he should be getting baptised next month. Chastity is just struggling with her smoking. She is doing everything else she just can't kick it. She is totally committed though. She will get baptised as soon as she can quit smoking. Other than that we've kind of had a fall cleaning of our investigator pool. Lots of people just weren't committed so we stopped meeting with them. So greenie and I will have some finding work to do! So on to the business aspect of things. Yes I picked up shoes at foot locker but they were pday/regular shoes because mine are trashed. But if money is tight don't worry about sending a package. I realise it's a lot of money to keep me out so really don't worry about it. Mine will last for plenty long enough. Just when you guys get things worked out there then you can send it :). I didn't get Garret's email, but I did see his birthday on the calender and I did want to wish him a happy birthday! Gosh is he 16?? I'm getting so old.... Oh well time sure flies doesn't it? Well I love you guys maybe if you're on this morning we can chat or something. Love you guys have a great week!

Love, Elder Braken Park

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