Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week 21 E-mail Home. Feeling a little under the weather :(

Dear Mom and Dad,

First off let me apologize, I spent a lot of money this week and I should explain why. Me and Elder Dodd have been under the weather and we realized we had no medical supplies so we had to make a few trips to Walmart and get supplies and I had to use personal because my MSF was dry so I'm really sorry about that. We were in for a couple days because of it and I can testify to you that being sick as a missionary is far and away the worst thing ever. You know that you need to be out working but you can't because you feel like garbage. But we are feeling better so it should all be good now. That's really cool that you're getting into family history! I have been told it's a great missionary tool, but have yet to have the opportunity to use it. I have actually been thinking about that recently and how in my own patriarchal blessing it says that I will get into that in due time. So I'm thinking maybe it will happen when it needs to. Make sure you stay up on it so you can teach me how to when I get home! I'm glad to hear Mason is into scouts I know I really wasn't too much but I wish I would have been. Oh well the past is in the past.  The investigator who I told you we knocked on his door and he let us in, well he came to church, and the members immediately swarmed him with fellowship! Afterwards I was talking to him and he said he likes this church because we teach the word of God and that he can feel it is the word of God. He has truly been prepared and is very in tune with the spirit which makes him a lot of fun to teach. He agreed to be baptized on March 8th so that shows his commitment level! I am super excited to meet with him again and to hear from you guys! I love you and hope you have a great week!

Love, Elder Braken Park

P.S. I have a package with my socks a present for mason's birthday and some stuff that I just don't have room for but I haven't got a chance to send yet so be looking for that!

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