Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Week 19 - New Companion and Extreme Cold Weather - Braken wasn't able to e-mail us on Monday, his regular P-Day because the city on Indianapolis had completely shut down due to the extreme weather and cold temperatures. He was able to e-mail us today, Wednesday, January 8th for Mason's Birthday :)

This is his e-mail to Friends and Family:
Hey Everyone! 
Sorry I haven't written anyone back it's been so cold here that the Entire city of Indianapolis was shut down for tuesday and monday so now is the earliest we've been able to email. It hit -42 with the wind chill and we had to stay in for 2 days.... ugh! But anyway, my new Companion's name is Elder Dodd and I am in Eagle Creek, which is a ward on the outskirts of Indianapolis. My new address is 6434 Whitehaven Rd. Apt B. Indianapolis, IN 46254. Thanks for all your support and love!

-Elder Braken Park

This is his e-mail to us:
Dear Mom and Dad,
Everything is going well now, it was really hard to leave Martinsville though. It was kind of like leaving home all over again. But my new companion and I are getting along really well. It's a big change to go from a small town like martinsville to Indy but a change I am enjoying as now there are tons of people to talk to and we don't have to worry about the small town mindset. Hopefully I'll be able to go back for luke's baptism. But anyway, as far as clothing goes I'm pretty good my shoes are actually really warm, and I got a pair of gloves for christmas from Jamie. I picked up a facemask type thing from Dick's which was a lifesaver with all the wind. We were outside for maybe 5 minutes on monday because we went to the church for preparation day, and they hadn't plowed the parkinglot, so we had to run through 4 feet deep snow. I have never experienced a cold like that before.... brrrr! I had a mishap at the laundromat yesterday though..... the ctr socks didn't like the dryer and now 5 of them are completely trashed. I'm sending them to you so could you take them to ctr and see if they'll replace them? Also I got a check form Grandma and Grandpa Draper that no banks will cash so I'll send that as well. just throw it on my personal and I'll get me a nice tie or something hahaha. Anyway I love you guys!
Love, Elder Braken Park

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